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Get Anthem for free on PS4 or Xbox One when you buy a PS4 or Xbox One controller today

Get Anthem for free on PS4 or Xbox One when you buy a PS4 or Xbox One controller today
(Image credit: Sony, Microsoft, Bioware)

If you're trying to get a PS4 controller cheap (or an Xbox One controller cheap, for that matter), Currys has a few cracking deals on offer to tempt you. For starters, you can get a classic black DualShock 4 V2 wireless controller with a free copy of Anthem for just £39.99. The white DualShock 4 is the same price, and you still get Anthem for your troubles. You don't have to stick to monochrome, either; Currys is offering the same deal with red and blue handsets too. Similarly, you can pick up white or blue Xbox One controllers with Anthem for £49.99 (in the case of the blue handset, you're still getting Anthem for free - for the white one, you're adding a fiver). Although the Bioware RPG has had a rough few months since it launched, who can say no to a free game? If nothing else, saving a bit of cash is certainly welcome as we edge toward the Black Friday game deals in November. 

Not tempted by the mech-based MMO? You can always swap it out for six months of Spotify Premium so long as you spend £49.99 or more. In other words, you could pick up this handsome grey Xbox One handset or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and get half-a-year of music at no extra cost. Those who want the black or white DualShock 4 with Spotify Premium will need to pick up something else as well because the handsets are only £39.99 apiece, but you could always add to that Anthem offer with whatever other items you need. An extra controller, Anthem, Spotify Premium, and 3 months of PlayStation Plus for £50, perhaps? Yes please.

Things seem to have been picking up for Anthem in the last few months, at least. Various bug-fixes and quality-of-life updates are nudging it closer to what we always hoped the game would be, so the future could be bright; Bioware's Casey Hudson has also said that he's keen to see the game "grow, evolve, and thrive for years to come".

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