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Get a Nintendo Switch Lite for just £175 at eBay right now - deal ends tonight!

Get a Nintendo Switch Lite for just £175 at ebay right now
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This cheap Nintendo Switch deal is one to consider immediately! With Nintendo's hardware having a reputation of stubbornly holding their value, any chance to capitalise on lower prices is an absolute must. And now is one of those times: right now at The Game Collection's ebay outlet, you can get a Nintendo Switch Lite for just £175.96 by using the code 'POPULAR20' at checkout.

The Lite is a blinding little console, trading in some of the original Switch's versatility - docked mode - in order to create a more affordable, genuinely-awesome portable console. It will still be able to play all the greats like Breath of the Wild and The Switcher (Witcher 3) so it's truly worthy of your consideration if you're on the look out for a Switch and are OK with going full-portable.

Sure, their starting point is a bit inflated for some reason - listing the Lite for £219.95 - but the fact that you can get a Nintendo console of this year for less than 180 quid, makes this a steal.  This code is a limited time deal and it ends at midnight tonight. The other good news is that you can use the code elsewhere on this particular eBay outlet store, on any combination of product, and you'll get that delicious 20% off. You only have to spend £15 or more.

Nintendo Switch Lite for just £175.96 at ebay
A Nintendo console for just 175 quid?! Take my money! Remember to use the code 'POPULAR20' to get the lovely discount, and act fast as it ends at midnight tonight BST!View Deal

We don't really know how cheap Nintendo's gear will go next month among the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals, but this is absolutely one of the lowest prices we're likely to see outside of the Black Friday game deals, so if you;re up for it, we'd recommend pulling the trigger.

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