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Get a $250+ discount on this Samsung 2019 QLED TV, which is excellent for gaming

Get a $250+ discount on this Samsung 2019 QLED TV, which is excellent for gaming
(Image credit: Samsung)

A new TV is always an exciting prospect and when you've got gaming in mind the excitement grows exponentially. We realise these are big purchases, too, which means when discounts like the following come up, it makes it really tempting, and a worthwhile investment. Our favourite Samsung gaming TV, the QLED Q60R - number two on our best gaming TVs lists - is discounted in the USA, down to $948 at Walmart, and is also reduced in the UK, down to £828 at Amazon UK. This represents a near-lowest ever price for our US readers, and an actual lowest ever price for our UK readers.

If you've got a bit more budget to play with and you subscribe to bigger-is-better school of thinking (which is correct when it comes to TVs) then there are even bigger discounts of the 65-inch variants of this magnificent TV. In the US you can nab it for $1198 at Walmart and in the UK, you can go to Amazon UK and pick it up for £1175.

The Q60R is the latest entry-level model into Samsung's acclaimed QLED range, and they offer some of the most vibrant, sharp and vividly colorful images you can get right now. Its emphasis is definitely on those colors as, while it doesn't quite do the deep blacks OLEDs can do, its HDR is really excellent and the colors are the stars of the show. It also sports a 120Hz refresh rate and FreeSync - which are gaming monitor levels of quality - speakers that are superior to most other 4K TVs, and Samsung's own solid Game Mode. 

Samsung QLED Q60R 55-inch TV | $948 at Walmart (save $252)
An absolute screamer of a deal. For less than $1000 you can get one of the very best TVs going - for gaming and all your entertainment needs.View Deal

Samsung QLED Q60R 55-inch TV | £828 at Amazon UK (save £471)
Save a massive amount on the 55-inch Q60R in the UK at Amazon and enjoy games at previously un-seen levels of vibrancy.View Deal

Samsung QLED Q60R 65-inch TV | $1198 at Walmart (save $602)
If you fancy bigger, then this is the TV for you. For not-a-great-deal more money you can get 10 whole inches more of this great gaming TV.View Deal

Samsung QLED Q60R 65-inch TV | £1175 at Amazon UK (save £624)
Once again, save a sack full of cash on the same TV in the UK. It's a lot to part with in once go but it will last you a long while and offers great bang for buck (pound).View Deal

While the savings indicated here are from the original list prices which are not hard and fast after the TVs' launch, the general saving is still comfortable in the 100s-of-dollars or pounds territory so the value is undeniable. Particularly on those 65 inchers.

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