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Genshin Impact 2FA will be introduced to help improve security for player accounts

Genshin Impact
(Image credit: MiHoYo)

Genshin Impact will be increasing account security for all users, rolling out testing for various regions relatively soon.

Genshin Impact developer MiHoyo announced the upcoming account security changes through an FAQ blog post earlier today. "According to our experts, they are in the process of developing a solution that will further ensure account security for our users," the blog post delivered by Genshin Impact's Paimon reads. "Once the solution is ready, it will first be tested on some regions, if no further issues arise, then it will eventually be implemented to all servers."

The change follows after hacking reports in Genshin Impact, dating back as far back as December 2020. When Genshin Impact first released in September 2020, players were advised to link either their phone number or email address to their accounts. A few months later in December, some players who hadn't linked either their email or phone number reported having their accounts hacked, with no viable way to reclaim their lost data.

MiHoyo's update today is aimed at improving security for Genshin Impact players beyond just linking their phone number or email address. Considering Genshin Impact players around the world have been asking for improved security for a fair few months now, it's a reassuring sign that MiHoyo's fix doesn't appear too far away from going into testing.

Also announced today for Genshin Impact was the official PS5 release date for MiHoyos' game. Currently, Genshin Impact is available to play on PS5 through backwards compatibility, boasting an increased frame rate of 60FPS. When the official release date comes around on April 28, the new version of the game will support increased textures, reduced load times, and various other perks for Sony's next-gen consoles.

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