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Gears of War 4 launch trailer warns that there's a storm coming, 90% chance of hail (of bullets)

Today, Microsoft released a Gears of War 4 launch trailer. Gears of War 4 launches on October 11. Today is not October 11. It's not October anything. Either the people running Xbox are time-traveling wizards or the word "launch" is slowly losing meaning - in which case, perhaps it would be better to refer to this new trailer as "the one with a sad song playing in the background".

It's no "Mad World," but Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" repurposed into a rock ballad with female vocals and what sounds like a country-style guitar is a-okay by me. Oh, and judging by our hands-on Gears of War 4 preview, the game looks pretty good too.

As a reminder: The Gears of War 4 release date is October 11. Not today.

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Sam Prell
Sam has a soft spot for MOBAs, MMOs, and emo music. Forever a farm boy, forever a '90s kid.