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Gaming's most important farty butts

Aromatic Attribute:

The seven of you who didn’t pick this movie tie-in up solely to pad your Gamerscore already know what we’re talking about. In the same time it took everybody else to trade in TMNT for something better, you bold lot had a regular barrel of laughs unlocking modes like Ghastly Gas. With this “cheat” enabled, the four turtles of waning tolerability will visibly beef at random for no reason and to the advantage of nothing and no one.

Travis Touchdown
No More Heroes

Aromatic Attribute: An enchanting permanence

How Punk Rock is Travis Touchdown? While other protagonists save their games on typewriters and cell phones, the No More Heroes, uh, hero takes a defiant dump of unbridled anarchy to cement his in-game progress. Not particularly farty, nor poopy. But it is one of the few times in gaming history where a character repeatedly lost something at a save point. *rimshot*

Oddworld series

Aromatic Attribute: A wet spark of revolution

Whether it be Abe or Munch, there’s no better way to corral an enslaved Mudokon than with an organic “Halt!” of backdoor breeze. True stopping power was a button press away, as farting was the preferred method to keep Oddwold’s liberated inhabitants out of harm’s way.

Above: Also look out for Chug Nuggs’ Fee Co Matter, in stomachs now

From the Samurai Showdown series

Aromatic Attribute: Debilitating, yet gorgeous

The towering Earthquake may not be the most formidable opponent in an SNK fighting series, but that spherical butt blossom is still a sight to behold. Even if his unorthodox move is responsible for most of his post-Samurai Showdown II appearances being reduced to cameos, it’s undeniable that his fart is the still the prettiest girl at the dance.

Larry Lovage
From Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

Unlike his uncle, the young and scholarly Larry Lovage avoided bizarre inventory management and cryptic command prompts and was given a button dedicated to the Brown Horn of the Brass Choir. Developed without the participation of Leisure Suit Larry mastermind Al Lowe, Magna Cum Laude will be remembered for its fart button and little else.