Gaming's most important farty butts

From Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Nice name - that is all.


Aromatic Attribute: The effects of wet pesticide... hail to the king?

How do you make a franchise that’s known primarily for a Matrix parodies and reality-show references even more timeless? You guessed it: Rooty-Tooty Fartin’ Booties. Of course there’s no shortage of gaseous expulsions, just as there’s no shortage of shitty Shrek games. Luckily, GR has a favorite!

Shrek Super Party. Fart on bees. Simple as that. In one of the finest examples of the flatulent-minigame genre, the players were charged with shooing bees off a flower with a moist, pesticidal cloud of tail wind. Bravo, sirs.

Oh Shrek, you crude asshole.

Castle Crashers

Aromatic Attribute: Accompanied by cautionary solids.

“The Poop is poisonous!” That’s an important quote to remember when fighting the giant bat boss, and one proclaimed in total earnest by GR poobah Eric Bratcher during our first co-op Castle Crashers session. Seriously, we wrote it on our whiteboard!

Behemoth’s amazing XBLA game proved itself as not only an economical feat of design ingenuity, but also presented a method in which farts can tell a compelling interactive narrative. Note how a defecating bear warns of impending danger and how a violently shitting dear guides the player into action in a way a blinking arrow never could. Seriously, note that! The game’s f**king awesome and only 15 bucks.

Johnny Sasaki
From Metal Gear Solid

Aromatic attribute: Next-gen hilarity

You know why Hideo Kojima’s a genius? Only a true artistic visionary could have the fortitude punctuate 40 minutes of super-serious cutscenes with transcendent scatological humor. Among the recurring themes and motifs, the Metal Gear Solid series has its own crapping superhero. Johnny has provided a dignified levity in all four games, with the exception of Snake Eater, in which his grandpa grabbed the throne.

Aromatic Attribute: Green. And it kills the undead

Loyal GR readers are no doubt already aware that the Farticle crosses over more than a little with our Peabody Award-winning exposé,Gaming’s Greatest Fatties... and we can’t think of how to end that sentence. Please, enjoy the Fartality!