Forza Horizon 4 Barn Find locations guide - where to find all of the hidden cars

If you're familiar with the Forza Horizon series, then you'll know all about searching off the beaten track for crumbling barns housing derelict autos in serious need of a repair job. Playground Games have continued this tradition across the rolling hills of fictional Britain in Forza Horizon 4, however they have changed the way in which some of the barns will unlock. Only 10 barns will now be revealed through regular means, by simply making progress through the campaign, and you should receive an alert for every 45 to 60 minutes of driving and racing.

The remaining cars are trickier, with one requiring the purchase of an expensive castle, while the other cars are tied to the game's seasonal cycle - if you're eager to get all of the seasonal cars, the most efficient method is to take your Xbox One offline and manually advance the clock in one-week increments. While the Stats menu says there are 15 barns, we've actually found 17 and suspect the last two will be DLC-related. Lastly, the order that these barns unlock is random, so it's likely our sequence will differ from yours. Let's get started.

The Ford Escort RS Turbo

This unlocks in Glen Rannoch. The hint circle encompasses both the highlands and the much lower areas of the region. You'll want to make your way up to higher elevation to find the barn, which is near a radio tower, and east of the hovercraft showcase event.


This barn hint will lead you to Astmoor. You'll find it southwest of the barn icon and directly north of the first 'O' in the Astmoor map lettering. Look for the barn shaded by the tree line. Here you'll find a British-made classic that was last produced in 1980.

The Mini Cooper S

Finding this one is easy. Head for Derwent Mansion, which sits along the southwest edge of Derwent Water. As you exit the mansion's driveway, head straight into the wood. After a couple seconds, veer slightly to the left to find the barn.

The TVR Cerbera Speed 12

To find this rarity, head for the Greendale Airstrip. Look for the barn around the lower right of the airstrip's 'T' layout and above the barn hint icon. You'll find the car among a couple trees and utility buildings.

The Subaru Impreza 22B STI

This is one of the trickiest barns to find since it's hidden the dense wood of Lakehurst Forest. Focus on the northern half of the hint circle and where the off-road trail splits in two. Go left at the split and you'll find the barn left of that path.

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