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Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles and Treasures guide - where to find all the hidden chests

If you've dipped into its DLC, you'll know that Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles replace Forza Horizon 4 Barn Find locations. Instead of finding old buildings you'll be taking part in treasure hunts to find your hidden rewards. In keeping with the general theme of the pirate ship ruins strewn around the map, these treasure hunts involve solving Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles, then tracking down your prize using the clue in the photograph you unlock in Forza Horizon 4.

All you need to do to access new riddles is build up your social media influence, which can be done by taking part in races and stunts, including the raid-inspired cooperative Live events. Beating a handful of these will generate enough influence on social media to clear one of ten Island Conquerer Rounds, and ten rounds means ten treasure chests.

Each riddle requires a specific car to solve, but if you don't have that car in your garage then don't worry; each treasure chest awards you 1 million credits, which should be enough to purchase the wheels you need. As a bonus, a few chests include valuable cars as well.

After you solve a riddle, a photo clue will appear as well as a hint circle on the map. This is where you can put your trusty drone to good use, as you need to study each photo for unique objects and landmarks, then line them up using the drone to match the photos.

Treasure 1: Coffers of the Tyrant King

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 1Coffers of the Tyrant King

This first treasure hunt is practically a freebie. The riddle refers to a massive "T-ReX" truck. It just so happens that it's the vehicle you start with when you land at Fortune Island. The riddle is also triggered near the spot where you eventually solve it. Just drive fast through the speed trap closest to the festival to unlock the treasure photo hint.

The treasure is close by, immediately east of the Horizon Festival. Look for the metal cylinder and a couple boats by the warehouses on the docks.

Treasure 2: Pillars of Gold

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 2 Pillars of Gold

The "Italian four-five-eight" in this riddle is the Ferrari 458. The rest of the clue is straight forward. Take the car up or down Needle Climb north of the festival and get a good score at drifting.

The photo hint will take you east, up the spiralled path of Giant's Dolmen. You'll find the treasure chest halfway up the route. Along with the cool million, this treasure also unlocks the first bonus car, the sleek Lamborghini Urus 2019.

Treasure 3: The Swiftest Chariot

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 3 The Swiftest Chariot

The "sixty-five wild horse" in this riddle doesn't mean 65 horsepower, but rather the 1965 Mustang. Hop in it, head for Viking Bay, and look for the Trailblazer gate. If this is your first Trailblazer, the objective is to reach the goal by any means necessary.

Like the previous treasure hunt, you'll get to enjoy another Fortune Island view when you head for the hint circle. Take the drone up to highest peaks immediately north of Needle Climb, high enough so you can get a good view of the windy roads below. You'll find the treasure sitting on snow and next to a small rock peak. Be sure to have an agile car that can handle the steep terrain.

Treasure 4: From Ruins to Riches

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 4 From Ruins to Riches

This riddle briefly stumped us since it's a tad misleading. No, you don't actually jump over fallen structures as the riddle dictates, but you do make a leap at the Danger Sign closest to the ruins, Fenholm Ruin's Leap to be exact. There's less mystery with the car, as the riddle mentions a "three-wheeled Morgan" and there is literally a three-wheeled car by Morgan Motor Company available.

After you've solved the riddle with that jump, make a 180-degree turn and head for the ruins' swampy area. The Morgan three-wheeler isn't exactly suited for flooded terrain so now would be a good time to get into something more versatile. While in the hint circle, use the drone to line up the sunken church with the pointed rock formation in the background. Look for the chest next to the remains of a house.

Treasure 5: The Sword in the Stone

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 5: The Sword in the Stone

Unlike the fourth riddle, there's no ambiguity with this Arthurian themed brain teaser. It calls for a visit to the "Lady on the Lake" with an "R eight", an Audi R8 to be exact. And there's actually a speed trap next to the only lake on the island titled, 'Lady on the Lake'. Simply notch a 3-star run with an Audi R8 to solve the riddle. We pulled it off at 150 miles per hour with minimal difficulty.

This photo clue is especially easy due to two distinct objects: The lone tree and the large rock formation in the distance. Whether by car or by drone, once you have the tree and rock formation lined up in view, look for the chest in the foreground. This treasure has a bonus car, the Koenigsegg CCBS. Enjoy it, especially since only six were ever made!

Treasure 6: Light of the Lantern

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 6: Light of the Lantern

When the riddle refers to a "Jeep named Willy", it's not by the car manufacturer Jeep with a model named Willy, but the other way around. Get yourself a jeep by the car company called Willy and head for the Will-o'-the-Wisp speed zone in the east. We learned keeping the speed above 60 miles per hour was more than enough to solve the riddle.

The treasure isn't far from the speed zone and you'd might as well hang on to the jeep since you'll need something sensible to take along the cliffs of Fortune Island. Use the drone to scour the furthest tip of the cliffs. You can't just take the drone over the cliffs, mind you, as it will mysteriously fall over. Once you've located the chest's exact spot, take the jeep there slowly, so you don't accidentally fall into the ocean.

Treasure 7: Dew of the Ash Tree

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 7: Dew of the Ash Tree

This riddle reminds drivers that Lamborghini make more than just sports cars. Look for the LM 002 1986 Lamborghini in the showroom or your collection and take it to The Forest Run trailblazer activity. The time limit for the run is very forgiving, so don't feel like you need to floor it and tear through the forest, thereby risking a collision against the more indestructible trees. You can even go around the heart forest if you like.

The treasure location is at the south edge of the forest, where the trees meet the lake. Whereas prior photo clues put the treasure chests in the foreground, this photo sneakily hides the chest in the background, so don't bother driving into the water. Instead, start at the water and drive in the direction of the snowy peaks in the distance to find the treasure.

Treasure 8: The Skildar Horde

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 8: The Skildar Horde

The vehicle for this riddle feels like an unofficial Transformers tie-in. The Swedish knight this clue is referring to is the 2016 Volvo Iron Knight, one of the more uniquely designed trucks in Forza Horizon 4. We had fun threading it down the narrow path of the Lakeside Speed Zone. There's no need to get three stars to unlock solve the riddle.

With the photo hint revealed, your next stop is the cave at the base of Storm Beach to the south. It's the only cave on the island so there's no risk of confusion. You need a keen eye to find the treasure. Not only is the cave dark but the chest is hidden behind some pirate ship ruins. It shouldn't take you long, though; it's a small save. It's especially worth the effort since you'll also unlock the Saleen S5S!

Treasure 9: Of Fame and Fortune

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 9: Of Fame and Fortune

So far, pulling off these performance-based riddles should be a breeze. The ninth riddle is a different story. It hints of a Korean performance car with the keyword "sting". Go get yourself the 2018 KIA Stinger. You're welcome to make a beeline for the riddle destination, the Mountainside Speed Trap up north, but you're going to have a difficult time reaching the 3-star rating the riddle demands. You'd be lucky if you break 105 miles per hour; you need 130 for the 3 stars. The trick is to upgrade the Stinger and turn it into an S1-rated beast. We managed to get it up to a 873 rating, which was just enough to hit 130. We also highly recommend getting a hefty running start from the countryside in the east.

When you unlock the photo, get ready to head way south. As you'll see from the red hint circle, you're focusing on the three southernmost islands. Don't worry; the water is shallow enough to island hop. Head for the largest island within the circle and look for the ruins of a house. There you'll find another cool million.

Treasure 10: Risk and Reward

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island Riddles Treasure 10: Risk and Reward

This riddle is simpler than it looks. The "house that shines like a star"? That's the lighthouse at Skildar Watch. As for the "Classic Muscle car" the riddle refers to, you simply have to pick any classic muscle car in the game. If it helps, remember that you can filter cars by type in the showroom. Then drive to the lighthouse and jump off the Danger Sign.

To complete this final treasure hunt, you have to do it in style. Get yourself a Lamborghini Huracan or a car with similar performance and weight. Then use the drone to confirm the location of the treasure on a tiny island on the lake. Believe it or not, the goal is to jump to the island.

Head for the west side of the lake and look for an incline along the edge of the lake. This natural ramp is to the right of an RV. The "runway" is smooth enough that you shouldn't encounter any bumps or anything else that can misalign your jump. And there's no shame in using the rewind function if you don't think you'll land on the island. Finally, to complement your final one million credit reward, you're also given a sweet 2012 Lamborghini Aventador J.

Congratulations - you've found all of the hidden treasure on Fortune Island!