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Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

Fortnite Dusty Divot chest locations [F5/F6/G5/G6] - 14 chests

1. Red hangar

Walk into the red hangar - the only undamaged one - to find this chest in the middle.

2. Grey hangar

This chest is teetering on the edge of the divot in the other hangar.

3. Orange container

Drop into the divot and this chest is inside the left-most orange shipping container.

4. Ice cream truck

Walk east through the trees and you’ll see an ice cream truck stuck in the ground. This chest is inside. Note: it has 100,000 health so getting this chest is very rarely worth it because it takes so long to break.

5. Northern guard tower

Walk into the main compound and up the first guard tower to grab this chest.

6. Northern research hut

Head down the stairs of the guard tower and this hut is in front of you, partially overgrown. Walk through the missing wall to grab this chest.

7. Northern hallway

Connected to the hut is a long building. This chest is on the right of the door.

8. Centre tree

In the middle of the entire compound, there’s a chest at the foot of a tree.

9. Centre balcony

On the walkway above the last chest is where you’ll find this one, overlooking the tree.

10. Eastern research hut

Leave the centre through the eastern exit and this chest is on the platform above the next room.

11. Northern hallway

Leave through the other door and enter the door in front of you to discover this chest on a broken table.

12. Broken lorry

West from the last chest and past a couple of trees is a broken down lorry compartment. Jump in the back for this chest.

13. Southern guard tower

Head up the tower right next to the lorry for this chest.

14. Western hallway

Turn around and head to the final hallway on the western side of the compound for this chest surrounded by ammo boxes.

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