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First screens for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception released, online co-op confirmed

Hope you haven’t completely cooled down from this morning’s big news about Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (opens in new tab), because Sony just released via its UK Blog (opens in new tab)some new info and the first screens for the title. Enjoy:

Above: Just because your plane crashes doesn't mean you can't strike a cool pose

Above: Nathan is perhaps thinking of how long he can feed on Sully should it come to that

Above: Hot enough for ya Drake? Haha, we're so funny

Above: This far away shot of we assume Drake as he tries to find his missing shoes

In the post Arne Meyer, Community Strategist for Naughty Dog, talked mainly in vague terms about the title and how awesome it is, though he revealed some key info. First, he mentioned that the quest that brings Nathan Drake and Sully to the desert is the search for “The Atlantis of the Desert.” It’s a lost city that’s apparently filled with terrible secrets, which is the only thing Nathan ever finds in mysterious, hidden cities.

Arne also mentions that players will be “taken to spectacular new locations around the globe...” Note that he wrote "locations", as in you’ll be going to more places than the desert, which is good, because after two games full of globetrotting similar to James Bond, we’d be disappointed if the whole game was all sand.

He also wrotethat the vs and co-op online multiplayer wouldreturn, though the campaign still sounds single-player focused, so we're not sure how different the online features will be from Uncharted 2, or if the main game will have any co-op options. Lastly, it was quickly mentionedthat the game would be havestereoscopic 3D, which seems to be a real thrust of Sony's PS3 plans, as that feature is pretty key to Killzone 3.

We were left with the above screens to think on as we wait for a proper trailer during this Saturday’s Video Game Awards on Spike TV. After that, Jimmy Fallon revealed on his Twitter (opens in new tab)that on the following Monday he’ll have the first live demo of the game during his NBC talk show Late Night, so y’know, keep an eye out for that.

Dec 9, 2010

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