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Finally, something exciting happens in The Walking Dead: Negan's shaved in the new trailer. Here's why...

If you’re already salivating for more The Walking Dead, AMC has shared a new teaser for next week’s episode.

There’s not a lot of it - just 34 seconds - but it crams in a lot. Beneath the dramatic music and gravelly voiceover, we’ve grabbed brief shots of Darryl making a run for it, Rosita’s making good on her threat to craft her own ammunition, and there’s news that the Saviors cannot be trusted… which is hardly surprising, let’s face it.



There’s also an unlikely dinner party in which Negan, Olivia, Carl and Judith are breaking bread together. Rick’s clearly distraught he wasn’t invited, but Negan’s gone all out and de-fuzzed his face for the occasion. What a gentleman.

If you're wondering when the show will answer questions about Negan’s backstory, showrunner Scott Gimple has an answer for you: soon. Maybe.

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Vikki Blake
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