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Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC port speculation resurfaces through past retailer listing

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be coming to PC via the Epic Game Store, according to one retailer listing.

Earlier this year in June, you might recall that the Epic Game Store database listed two unannounced games: Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. While this wasn't concrete evidence at the time that both games would be coming, the former looks to have leaked online via a retailer listing over the past few days, seemingly being confirmed as accurate.

If the Alan Wake Remastered listing is true, therefore, it stands to reason that so is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake listing for the Epic Game Store. Of course, there's actually precedent for Square Enix making their games available for PC exclusively via the Epic Game Store, as multiple games in the long-running Kingdom Hearts franchise launched exclusively through the storefront just earlier this year on March 30.

Right now though, nothing has been confirmed by either Square Enix or Epic. It would be nice to see the remake arrive on PC though, for a bigger audience to experience Square Enix's latest RPG adventure, and it'll be interesting to see whether the original 2020 version of the remake arrives on PC, or if Square Enix chooses to launch the Intergrade version, complete with visual enhancements, frame rate boosts, and more. It should be noted that while Final Fantasy 7 Remake's exclusivity period for PlayStation has now expired, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is a PS5 exclusive game until later this year on December 10.

For more on the latter version of the remake, you can head over to our Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade interview featuring the voice of the beloved Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi.

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