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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Tips


Unlike the Ultimate Team modes in other EA Sports games that allow you to create a single "superteam," FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team encourages you to assemble as many players as you possibly can and create multiple "squads." Within your overall roster of talent, specific squads exist to allow you to craft very fine-tuned groups of players to accomplish specific tasks or meet defined requirements. The best part of squad construction is experimenting with a wide variety of players.

One of the niftiest additions to Ultimate Team this year is the system to build Concept Squads. Now you can create a squad any players available in Ultimate Team, and while you can’t use them in games, you can use it as a template for what your squad will look look in the future. By going into the Squads menu and selecting the Concept Squads tile, you’ll not only be able to create new Concept Squads from pre-built ones such as a Barclays Premier League Concept or a Bundesliga Concept, but also players who are Target Men and other options. This is extremely helpful to get over the typical FUT player question of "how the heck do I try and put this kind of a group together?"

There is also an option to create a Concept Squad using the Squad Builder feature. Here, you simply put in some options for a Squad you want to use. For example, let's say Silver players from Germany that play in the Bundesliga in a 4-5-1 formation. Just hit Build Squad, and bingo! It pulls up a squad based on those choices. Brilliant.

You can then edit the squad by selecting any player and hitting the Square Button (X on Xbox) and swapping players out for others. Another excellent feature here is that you can also hit the Square Button (X on Xbox) and select Search for Player on Transfer Market. This will bring up all the available cards of that player that are currently available.

This tool is great for building teams for Single Player or Online Tournaments that have squad requirements. The best part of Concept Squads and Squad Builder is that they take into consideration one of the most important things a Squad needs, Chemistry. More on that next!

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