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How to get perk points fast in Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn Perk Points will be familiar to you if you played Far Cry 5. It's this in-game currency that you'll need to stock up in order to spend on brand new abilities, like the wingsuit or parachute, the option to carry multiple weapons, start dabbling in lock picking techniques, or even just move a little more quietly for those moments when stealth really counts. But you won't be able to do any of that without spending some Perk Points in Far Cry New Dawn, and trust me, you're going to want to start stocking up, particularly towards the late game stages when fights get tougher and the health bars get longer. Thankfully there are a few ways to you can earn Far Cry New Dawn Perk Points, all of which we've outlined below, so make sure to keep a couple stuffed in your back pocket at all times. 

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Solve the treasure hunts on the map

If solving puzzles and finding hidden treasures ain't your bag, why not adopt the more aggressive route and take down the outposts littered across the map? These well guarded areas are ripe for the picking, and will reward you with the elusive in-game currency known as Far Cry New Dawn ethanol, which you'll need to upgrade your home base, Prosperity (among other things). But for completing each Outpost tier (there are three per Outpost) you'll be rewarded with three Perk Points, which just serves to sweeten the already rather delicious rewards. With a good selection of Outposts to conquer, there's Perk Points in them thar hills if you're willing to fight for them.  

Use as many of the Guns for Hire as possible

It turns out that variety is another route to Perk Points, so while Timber may be the best boy yet, it'll benefit you to rank up your other Guns for Hire. When each Gun for Hire achieves 15 kills on the battlefield, they’ll complete an in-game Challenge that rewards you with three perk points at once. To speed up this process, just set your followers on an enemy, sit back, and watch the cascading firefight unfold, to hopefully positive results. 

Work your way through the full arsenal

The same goes for your weaponry. I, for one, am partial to an LMG or two, but if you actually  work your way through all the weapon types, across all four tiers of the weapons bench - rusty through golden and shiny - you'll earn Perk Points for killing a set number of enemies with each one. That's what you call a killer challenge. Sorry. 

Keep your hunting (and fishing) patterns varied

You might start sensing a theme here, because yes, it also benefits you to explore the local fauna - both of land and sea. For each new critter you kill, skin, or simply just catch, you'll tick off that species in the Challenges list. That means that although you might be having a serious wild boar problem right now, the moment you find something a little different, you should take a moment to kill it dead - or catch it dead - in order to tick it off your Challenge list. 

Start working your way through the rest of the challenges

And speaking of Challenges, if you head to that very tab in your menu, you'll find that there is quite the assortment of them to work through. Some are linked to weapons, outposts and Prosperity progression, but others are more unique like distracting enemies with rocks or getting kills from the helicopter in Expeditions, but ticking off each one will earn you more and more Perk Points, so make your way through them as best as you can. 

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