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Fallout 76 beta players have to make new characters to earn some achievements and trophies

Fallout 76 players who brought their beta character into the full game won't be able to earn some achievements and trophies without making a new character, according to Bethesda VP Pete Hines. 

While progress from the beta did carry over into the full game - things like your character's level, gear, and camp - several feats and accomplishments didn't. For example, Hines said on Twitter, "If there's an achievement for a quest (finish a thing, leave the Vault) you did in beta you will have to use a new character to get that achievement." However, achievements for activities like making a camp or crafting a weapon - things you can do at any time - "should unlock" in the full game, Hines said. (Note that this issue doesn't affect PC players, who don't even have achievements as Fallout 76 is only available on Bethesda's launcher and not Steam. You win some, you lose some.)

In other words, because you can't repeat completed quests, beta players looking to collect achievements or trophies will need to make new characters and replay whatever quests they completed during the beta. That includes the quest for leaving Vault 76 at the start of the game, so virtually every beta player will be missing something. But while that achievement is easily obtained, after multiple beta sessions some players may have several achievements locked behind dozens of hours worth of quests that they've already completed - which is pretty irritating, to say the least. 

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