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Fallout 4 gets a range of Funko Mystery Mini figures

What do you want to leave behind for those who roam the post-nuclear wasteland to find as they rummage through your home or workspace? If you answered "2-inch tall miniature figurines of Fallout characters," congratulations! You're exactly the type of person and/or irradiated ghoul that might be interested in Funko's upcoming line of Fallout Mystery Minis representing characters and perks from the Fallout games.

There will be 12 figures when the series launches this fall, and all of them are sold blind, meaning you won't know which one you've gotten until you open up the package. The good news is that the toys are being manufactured equally so that no one figure is more rare than the other, so you stand equal chances of getting any of them at a given time. The full lineup consists of Supermutant, Tunnel Snake, Ghoul, Raider, Power Armor, Male Vault Dweller, Mysterious Stranger, Black Widow, Nerd Rage!, Wired Reflexes, Grim Reaper’s Sprint and Cyborg.

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Sam Prell
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