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The Fall Guys lore is kind of dark

Fall Guys
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys is a wildly successful party game that's super popular on Twitch and the source of many GamesRadar staff arguments - but it turns out there's Fall Guys lore and it's surprisingly morbid. Check out the video below.

In an interview with MinnMaxShow, senior designer Joe Walsh confirmed the team at Mediatonic did consider some light lore when designing and building Fall Guys. "Is there lore? What's going on here?" interviewer Ben Hanson asks the question keeping us all up at night. "Yeah, it's not something we thought too hard on," Walsh says, "Fall Guys exist in this world to compete and they're full of enthusiasm and quests for glory, but they pop into existence, they compete, and they go forever." Jesus, that's dark.

The team at Mediatonic didn't think much further on the sad existence that is living life as a Fall Guy because they thought it was a bit "pretentious." But now that gamers everywhere are wondering about the political parties and economic hardships of the Fall Guys universe, they've had to answer some tough questions. 

The interview also goes into detail about future plans for Fall Guys, since players have a "voracious appetite" for new things. Hanson asks if there will be a "Disney vault" of Fall Guys levels, and Walsh points out that they'd be happy to reach a place in development where they have a surplus of levels. Mediatonic plans to remove levels if they don't stand the test of time, and keep adding new ones in the future - Walsh is already playtesting a new level he hopes to add in the future. Oh and BTW, there's already a new Fall Guys level: Jump Showdown. 

Fall Guys may be getting a solo playlist if you're not a team player.

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