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The Evil Within Locker Key and Statue locations guide

Chapter 11 - Reunion

Key #32

When you reach the carousel, whip out your pistol and wait for the statuette to come around. Fire off a bullet and grab the key.

Key #33

Eventually you'll reach an area where the already-unstable-looking-walkway will shift and throw you into the water below. There's a statuette just floating about, minding its own business down here. You'll need to nudge it over to the car by swimming furiously into it, then hop out, shoot it, and slide back into the water to get the key.

Key #34

After the lift ride, you'll cross some blue pipes and enter an office building.

You'll see a vending machine over to the right. Hit the button twice and a statuette will fall out. The third push will drop a bomb. You've been warned.

Key #35

Shortly after reuniting with Kidman, you'll find an elevator at the top of a staircase. Call it and wait for the doors to open. Inside is a little ceramic friend. Shoot it in the face.

Key #36

Just after you spot Joseph doing whatever it is he does when he's left unsupervised, look at the 2 cranes directly above.

There's a statuette dangling from the crane on the left. Shoot it with your sniper rifle.

Press forward until you reach the gate just before the save area. The key is on the floor here.

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