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Everything you need to know about Warframe's TennoCon and how to watch live

Warframe, one of the deepest and most engaging free-to-play titles available on both PC and consoles, celebrates its fifth year this week at TennoCon 2018. The convention, held in London, Ontario, Canada on July 7th is a massive celebration of everything Warframe, featuring brand new reveals of in-game content and the dev teams’ plans for future expansion, special guests, and the opportunity to chat directly with developers themselves. It’s a day full of live panels, insane cosplay, and lively interaction with one of the most engaged communities in gaming, and just because you haven’t gotten your hands on tickets to the show doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

  • Watch Tenno Live on Twitch and Youtube on July 7th at 3PM PDT / 6PM EST / 11pm BST

On July 7th at 3PM PDT/6PM EST, Digital Extremes will stream Tenno Live on their Twitch and Youtube channels. Jump in and join the show for the most exciting announcements from the convention and an extensive Q&A with the development team about the future of your favorite  space ninja action game. Even more importantly, you’ll be able to grab a bunch of the free in-game loot on offer at the con just for tuning in. Players who watch Tennolive for 30 minutes or more will automatically get their hands on a complete frame, Ash Prime, as well as the Carrier Prime companion and a skin for Ash. In the words of Rebecca Ford, Live op and Community Director, “We've used Twitch for more than five years now, since it started, and each time they create more tools for us to reward our viewers we use them. We feel TwitchDrops enhances our style of interacting with our Warframe family worldwide, and who doesn't love free stuff?” 

"Carrier is one of the game’s sentinels, a floating companion who can provide an additional edge in combat by way of its powerful Sweeper shotgun"

Ash Prime is an upgraded version of the base Ash frame, a deadly, manoeuvrable assassin, darting around the battlefield dealing lethal damage and then vanishing without a trace, appropriate for a frame originally called simply “Ninja.” Carrier is one of the game’s sentinels, a floating companion who can provide an additional edge in combat by way of its powerful Sweeper shotgun. They’re both versatile, powerful additions to a budding Tenno’s arsenal, and both can be yours gratis just by showing up for the TennoLive stream on the 7th.

As for what the massive announcements Digital Extremes has been teasing for the show might be, they’ve been understandably mum. They did, however, hint that this year’s reveals would dwarf the last year’s big additions, which would be no small feat. The year 2017 saw one of the largest and most ambitious expansions to Warframe thus far in the form of the Plains of Eidolon, a massive, open-world addition replete with new activities for adventurous Tenno to explore, from hunting gigantic nocturnal monsters to fishing and mining. It represented a whole new direction for Warframe, which previously had been largely confined to smaller, tighter instances, and transformed the game particularly for end-game veterans who’d been exhausting every bit of available content since launch.

What could this year’s big get hype moment be? The wild speculation part of my lizard brain is leaning towards something in the vein of player housing or facilities, someplace nice to dock the game’s gorgeous array of player-owned spacecraft. Maybe some customizable or modular options for player homes in an area like Eidolon, a huge open environment for players to colonize (or perhaps even scrap over in a new, territory control PvP mode). Again, this is all pure speculation, but I suspect whatever DE announces at this year’s show, it’s going to be big, and you’re not going to want to miss it.  Make sure you’re parked firmly in front of your PC (or phone, or tablet, or internet TV, or…) on July 7th to catch everything live, and check back in with GamesRadar for anything you might’ve missed from the rest of the show. 

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