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Everyone can't stop shipping over these new Poe and Finn Star Wars 8 images

In case you haven't noticed, Vanity Fair magazine has released a sneak peek at its new Star Wars-themed issue, and the covers are pretty fantastic:

Not only do they give us a closer look at the Star Wars characters we know and love, plus new faces from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but HAVE YOU SEEN WHERE POE'S ARM IS?!? Look at it! It's all leaning on Finn in a casual, 'Have you met my boyfriend?' way. This absolutely confirms their romance, correct?

Well, as far as these fans (and Tumblr) are concerned, yes it does...

Finn obviously just threw on his beau's clothes this morning rather than head all the way home and get changed:

Poe and Finn are officially a couple. 

Some people feel so strongly about it, they're making threats...

It's so obvious in fact, that people feel awkward for Kelly Marie Tran's Rose...

Now all we need do is wait for Star Wars 8 to hit cinemas and then watch their relationship blossom. 

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