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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Bog Easy: A Friend in Deed [Part 1]

Return to Bog Easy after completing the level to find Bertrand and Metairie arguing over who gets the restored building in the Old Town section of Bog Easy. You can decide who gets it later, but first you’ll need to head to the Old Town.

Speak to Gremlin Sparks in the Old Town to obtain the deed.

Return to Bertrand and Metairie and give the deed to one of them. Now head back to the Old Town and enter the disputed house.

If you gave the deed to Bertrand, he’ll need you to break the magic hats around Bog Easy. There are six total.

The first is on the roof of the Magic Shop.

The second is found in the graveyard. Use invisible ink to sneak past the statues guarding the hat.

The third can be found next to the Train Station.

The fourth is on the roof of Louis’ shack.

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