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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two side quest guide

Mean Street South: The Wasteland Limited [Part 1]

At the southern edge of Mean Street South, you’ll find the Train Conductor. He needs help getting his stations running again. You can help him, but not right away.

First, visit the Emporium in Mean Street North and purchase the Watch Sketch for 250 tickets.

Head back to the Train Station and aim at the spinning fan. Use the Watch Sketch to slow it down.

Quickly hop onto this set of luggage just in front of the conductor and launch Oswald into the air. He’ll land up near the slowed fan and repair the station. Speak to the conductor again to complete this phase of the quest.

Speak to the conductor in Ostown to start the next part of the quest.

Use the Fairy Sketch on the station to stretch it out, and simply fill in the whole thing with paint. Speak to the conductor again to finish this phase of the quest.

For the next phase, return to Bog Easy after completing it and speak to the Train Conductor. He needs some motivation to get his station running again, and it needs to be powered up.

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