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Enslaved Mask Location Guide

Mask 20: As you start the mission there will be a wave of mechs that appear. After the second wave is taken down, the mask will be found on a platform on the left side along with some orbs and a health vial. Hop up the ledge and follow it around to the orbs and then around the left to find the mask.

Mask 21: Just after the first mask, you will enter and exit a metal room where Trip and Monkey are in the dark. Once you exit the far side, follow the pathway and then at the end where trip continues going forward, immediately make a right to the white-ish walkway. Hop over to the orb there on the grating and then climb up the pole on the wall. Continue up and up and you will come to rest on top of a platform where the mask is.

Chapter 12: The Dam

Mask 22: For the first mask, it can be a little tricky. Once you enter the sub hanger, you need to hop up to the levers to control the turntables to turn the rail cars. Hop up to the left one and before you pull the level, hop on to the car and then tell Trip to drive forward. It should then take you to the wall where the mask and a few orbs are.

Mask 23: For the second Mask in this mission, once the sub is active a moving you will go through two rooms. The second room will have water in it and as you reach the lower platforms, it will start to lower. Once you get the scene that the sub is lowering, go forward and then the opposite way of the sub when you are near the objective marker. You will be able to enter a room there and the mask will be behind some crates in there.

Chapter 13: Grand Theft

Mask 24: After some climbing and jumping through fire and gears, Pigsy will need you to blow up four bombs that he plants on the anchor point couplings and you will need to shoot them through a spinning gear. Once you blow up all four, head to the far end of the room, just outside the green lit doorway that Pigsy runs through and climb the pipe on the wall. Climb up to the top platform and then hop down into the small opening where the mask is.

Mask 25: Once you blow up the four bombs that Pigsy plants and a scene plays showing the shackle fall off outside, follow Pigsy to the next room and climb up to the platform with a spinning fan. Drop down the left side of it and the mask will be right there.

Chapter 14: Pyramid

Mask 26: Once you are running around the Leviathan, Pigsy will call out the percentage that the cannon is at before firing. The second time the cannon fires, you will be running back outside to face some more mechs that drop down – from somewhere. Once you defeat this rush, turn around and to the right of the door you just came through will be a ledge that leads down. Hop down and collect the mask there and get your achievement!

Oct 12, 2010