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E3 2010: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword announced for Wii

Ever since last E3 and the teaser, we've been dying to know whatever we could about what’s next for Zelda, and finally Miyamoto revealed Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword at the start of Nintendo’s E3 press conference. With the sword mapped to the Remote and the shield to the Nunchuk our adventure began.

As Miyamoto showed off the new title, he first introduced us to the Wii Motion Plus-backed swordplay as he slashed up and down to attack an enemy that takes damagebased on which way its mouth opened. Later he slashed away at trees and grass with some accuracy, later taking on Moblins and attacking them based on where they were blocking.

Soon we got our first hints on why the game is subtitled Skyward Sword, as Miyamoto held up his Remote, charging the sword, which then energized the sword to release an old school energy attack when Link swung it. Later he opened a door by tricking the eye on the front of it by making it follow the sword's motion. Next up was the shield, which not only is used to block with the Nunchuk, but we also saw it used to reflect a rock back at an unfriendly Octorok.

Then came the items portion, as they showed off oldies like bombs and arrows. The bombs can be dropped like before, thrown by holding the Remote overhead, and even thrown underhand, like something straight out of Wii Sports. Wii Sports Resort was channeled in how the bow and arrow controls, as you hold down the C-button and pull back the Nunchuk. However, technical issues with showing it in the auditorium caused some control issues here.

Next came a couple new items. First was the remote-controlled beetle, that once you launch in, you control it similarly to a paper plane and send it to a new area. Again, there were some minor tech issues making this not as accurate as it could be. Next came the whip, which worked a little better as Link pulled out the item, which seemed to respond much better to Miyamoto’s commands.

By the end, after showing a trailer showing off new areas and enemies, Miyamoto mentioned that it works so much better in their demo booth than on this stage. He wrapped his speech with saying that, unfortunately, the team is still a year away from finishing it, so look forward to it in 2011.

June 14, 2010

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