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This new The Division teaser proves it's secretly about dogs

This new teaser trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division is meant to show off the game's impressive weather and time of day effects. And they are pretty - but expected. Living in New York City means dealing with long nights of chilly winter, so Ubisoft would have been remiss not to recreate them in the Snowdrop Engine.

No, the most significant part of the trailer walks offscreen just a few seconds in. That's right, I'm talking about dogs. And I'm pleased to report that The Division's Dog_Watch status remains green: dogs are officially still in.

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You may not have realized that The Division is actually about dogs instead of sleeper agents working together to restore society in plague-wracked Manhattan. But that fact becomes immediately clear if you just watch the trailers back to back.

Look at 2:04 into The Division's E3 2013 reveal trailer - a pack of dogs meeting on a street corner for a heated debate about lending their paws to The Division. The E3 2014 trailer is distressingly dog-free up until 4:02, when a clarion bark rings out as if to say "wait until next year." And sure enough, at 1:04 of The Division's E3 2015 trailer, you'll see a good boy, yes he is, leading a fireteam into combat in a dog/human joint operation.

Ubisoft plans to show off more of The Division's weather stuff on Friday. Until then, the Dog_Watch will remain vigilant for any canine downgrades.

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