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The Division mythbusters vid spills all on magic lifts, portable smart cover & double revives

Did you know that enemies stop attacking you if you get a lift in The Division? I know, right? This episode of videogaming mythbusters looks at that and few other things people weren’t sure about.

If you’re short on time then this is what’s covered:

• Do enemies stop attacking you if you get in a lift? Yes.
• Can you kill two enemies with one sniper shot? No
• Can you create portable smart cover by attaching it to a shield? Yes.
• Do enemies die in contaminated zones? No.
• Can you revive the same player twice? Yep, and they get up a second time automatically.

The lift, shield and double revive are kind of amazing if you think about it - that’s probably not how the game is meant to work at all. Although, as proves, the game has a few rough edges in the code that I guess will get tidied up as Ubi patch it. Don't be surprised if stuff like this disappears fast once it's been found.

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