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Here's exactly when you can start playing The Division beta

If you want to know exactly how much sleep you're going to lose to The Division beta later this week, we finally have the exact start times for all consoles. We know when there will be virtual boots on the ground in Manhattan thanks to Reddit users who snagged the beta client early:

Xbox One start time: Thursday at 9 am GMT / 4 am EST / 1 am PST
PS4 and PC start time: Friday at noon GMT / 7 am EST / 4 am PST

That's barring unforeseen server difficulties, of course. But The Division's Xbox One exclusive alpha reportedly ran smoothly, so hopefully any beta issues will be fleeting. If you have a beta code (the only guaranteed way to get one is to pre-order the full game) you should be able to start pre-loading on your platform of choice. Why not read through the beta patch notes while you wait?

Oh, and we still don't know when exactly the beta will close on Sunday, so just… try to enjoy the time you have. And maybe get some extra sleep before then.

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Connor Sheridan
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