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Devs will share "specific details" about what went wrong with Outriders' launch

(Image credit: Square Enix)

As Outriders fans continue to battle server stability instead of enemy hordes, the team behind the action game promises it is still "working through" issues with the game, and says it will "share more specific details about what [went wrong] and what we've been doing about it". 

As many players have been struggling to connect (opens in new tab) – and then stay connected – ever since the game released four days ago, some are now asking the team at People Can Fly to give "a proper post-mortem" of why the shooter's launch has been so rocky.

Interestingly, the studio's social media accounts agree, stating it will "absolutely" feed back on "lessons learnt" as well as "measures plan[n]ed to try and stop a reoccurrence". 

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"We're still continually working through it all, but we're hoping to in the near future share more specific details about what's going on and what we've been doing about it," the statement said.

Things seem a little better today, although the game's social media channels are still full of players struggling to connect, as well as missing gear, glitches, and problems progressing. Most recently, the team is offering a workaround (opens in new tab) for people trying to join a game and keep getting stuck at "80%" loading or the spinning Outriders logo.

"From the lobby, do not select continue," the team advised earlier today. "Instead: select a starting point and acknowledge, then launch."

Other players experiencing continuing issues loading in are being advised (opens in new tab) to clear the cache on their PC or console, unplug, and try again. 

Two years ago, we asked several leading developers about why big online games always break down at launch (opens in new tab). Their answers are every bit as relevant and helpful today: these issues are inevitable, and it's the response to them that matters most. 

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