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Devil May Cry series director teases work on new game so of course everyone's shouting for DMC 5

You may not know the name Hideaki Itsuno, but I bet you know his games. He's served as a director of the Power Stone games, Dragon's Dogma, and the Devil May Cry games (save for the original). You want fast, quirky, stylish action? Itsuno's one of the best for it. So perhaps it's little surprise that when Itsuno announced his plans to reveal a new game in 2017, fans got excited:

It seems that a large portion of Itsuno's followers are keen to see Devil May Cry 5, as evidenced by the following tweets:

Others are holding out for Dragon's Dogma 2 or a new Rival Schools game. But I think whatever this mystery project ends up being, we can expect some over-the-top action and hopefully some distinctly weird humor.

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