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Destiny Dead Ghosts location guide [inc. DB, HoW, Taken King, Rise of Iron, and Age of Triumph]

Rise of Iron - Crucible Maps #11 - #20

Dead Ghost #11 - The Drifter

B is the place to be for this map as well.

Facing the capture point so that the two staircases are in front of you on either side, head over to the side of the one on the left.

The Dead Ghost is here, next to the wall.

Dead Ghost #12 - The Dungeons

Start off with capture point A in front of you and the fancy little structure behind it.

Go straight towards it around to the right. Head through the doorway here.

Go straight on to the glowing wall ahead of you.

The Dead Ghost is on he ground in the corner.

Dead Ghost #13 - Exodus Blue

Staring at A, make your way over to the huge wall pictured in the screenshot above.

Looking to the right you'll spot a building with an orange front.

Head through the doorway.

The Ghost is to the immediate right as you go through.

Dead Ghost #14 - Firebase Delphi

Drop into the map and get yourself over to C.

With C at your back, go through the orange doors and up the ramp on the right.

At the top, go through the doorway on the right.

The Dead Ghost is behind the canister next to the white and orange crate.

Dead Ghost #15 - First Light

Make you way to capture point C.

As you approach, you'll have to hop up onto a rocky ledge next to the girders supporting the bridge above.

Once you're up here, you'll C in the building ahead and come crates to the right.

The Dead Ghost is next to a crate at the base of the bridge support. 

Dead Ghost #16 - Floating Garden

Start off at capture point B, facing the drop.

Head around the corner to the left by the statue.

At the bottom of the steps in front of you is a small pillar.

The ghost is sitting on top of it.

Dead Ghost #17 - Frontier

Get yourself inside the building that holds capture point A.

There's a doorway leading outside in here.

Go through and follow the rocky cliff face around to the right.

Turning around to face the way you came, you'll see an outcrop of greenery - highlighted in the screenshot above with the shotgun reticule.

The Dead Ghost is hiding here.

Dead Ghost #18 - Icarus (PS4 exclusive)

We're starting out at C.

There's a small mound of dirt at the bottom on one of the struts next to the capture point. 

The Dead Ghost is on the dirt pile, just on the other side.

Dead Ghost #19 - Memento 

We're beginning at A.

Head up the road with the C marker at the end.

As you make your along, you'll spot a doorway to the right next to the shell of a big red car.

Pop through and you'll see another doorway to the right.

The Dead Ghost is in here.

Dead Ghost #20 - Last Exit

Drop into the map and head to capture point A.

Drop down from the platform on the left side of the capture point.

There are two tunnels ahead that lead to the same pace. We're going down the one one on the right for the purposes of speed. 

The Dead Ghost is at the end of the tunnel straight ahead of you, on a mound of dirt by the train car.

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