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When is the Destiny 2 weekly reset?

Destiny 2 Bungie image season of the lost weapons hunter warlock
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If you’re wondering when the Destiny 2 weekly reset is and what time it is, we’ve got you covered. Every Tuesday – or Wednesday depending on your time zone – Destiny 2 receives its weekly reset, which sees a number of weekly challenges reset, an Eververse store stock update, sometimes new weekly seasonal story quests, and more. It’s always good to check in just after the reset, even if it’s to quickly glance at what’s new, so that you can plan what things you need to do for the week ahead. If you need to know when to log in to Destiny 2 for the weekly reset, we’ve got all the information you need below.

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What time is the weekly reset in Destiny 2?

Every week Destiny 2 has a weekly reset that changes challanges, vendor stock and more. Knowing exatly when it happens makes sure you don't miss anything, and means you get the earliest start possible

The weekly reset time for Destiny 2 is always Tuesdays at 5pm UTC. This is every Tuesday at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / 7PM CEST. If you live elsewhere in the world, find out what 5pm UTC is in your local time for your Destiny 2 weekly reset time. It’s worth mentioning that there is also a daily reset in Destiny 2 for things like bounties and vendor stock refreshes. The daily reset is every day at 5pm UTC too.

Since the reset time is based on UTC, it means that the weekly reset time in your area will change based on your current time zone and any changes to it due to daylight savings times, if that’s something your area has. Keep track of any changes to your time zone and remember that they’ll affect when you need to check in for the weekly reset in Destiny 2.

What does the Destiny 2 weekly reset change?

Destiny 2 destinations tab page all locations and weekly challenges

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When the weekly reset happens, lots of things will change within Destiny 2 including stock updates, refreshed challenges, and more. Here’s what gets changed with the Destiny 2 weekly reset.

  1. Eververse stock refresh
  2. Weekly Nightfall Strike
  3. Weekly Playlist Strike challenge
  4. Playlist Strike modifiers
  5. Vanguard Service Strike Bounty challenge
  6. Nightfall 100,000 Score challenge
  7. Nightfall Completion challenge
  8. Crucible Rotator Playlist mode
  9. Crucible match completion challenge
  10. Crucible Competitive round completion challenge
  11. Live-Fire Exercises Crucible Bounty challenge
  12. Trials of Osiris round wins challenge
  13. Saint-14 Trials of Osiris match wins challenge
  14. Gambit match completion challenge
  15. Shady Schemes Gambit Bounty challenge
  16. Clan Rewards Clan XP challenge
  17. Weekly Clan activity rewards
  18. Spare Parts Gunsmith Bounty challenge
  19. New Seasonal Story Quest (not always available)
  20. More Seasonal Challenges (only up to week 10 of the current season)
  21. Shattered Realm defeat Champions challenge
  22. Wayfinder’s Compass Bounty challenge
  23. Astral Alignment completion challenge
  24. Presage completion challenge
  25. Harbinger completion challenge
  26. Legacy Seasonal challenges
  27. Exo Stranger Stasis challenge
  28. Europa Bounty challenge
  29. Exo Simulation Challenge
  30. Europa Eclipsed Zone
  31. Empire Hunt quest completion challenge
  32. Empire Hunt Master difficulty completion challenge
  33. Deep Stone Crypt Raid completion challenge
  34. Vault of Glass Raid completion
  35. Prophecy Dungeon completion challenge
  36. Moon: Nightmare Hunts, Wandering Nightmare, and Moon Trove Guardian location
  37. Dreaming City: Curse strength, Petra location, Ascendant Challenge, weekly mission, and Blind Well final boss

What does the Destiny 2 daily reset change?

These things change every day in Destiny 2, including whenever a weekly reset happens.

  1. Vendor Bounties
  2. Vendor Stock such as Banshee-44 and Ada-1’s armor mods
  3. Material Conversions such as Spider’s Destination Materials and Banshee-44’s Upgrade Modules
  4. Legend and Master Lost Sectors
  5. Eververse daily discounted item
  6. Trials of Osiris becomes available and Xur arrives with new Exotic items with every Friday daily reset. They stick around until the next weekly reset on Tuesday.

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