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Destiny 2 Black Armory release date announced

Destiny 2's Black Armory DLC will arrive on December 4, Bungie announced. However, the Season of the Forge - which follows Destiny 2: Forsaken's Season of the Outlaw - will start a week earlier on November 27. 

The Black Armory is the first of the three DLCs that make up Destiny 2's annual pass. The Joker's Wild DLC and the Season of the Drifter are scheduled for spring 2019, while the Penumbra DLC and its mysterious season are scheduled for summer 2019. Bungie says more annual pass details will be shared next week. 

Here's a quick refresher for the uninitiated: the Black Armory was pitched as a collector's dream DLC. It's explicitly about recovering, and indeed discovering, the best weapons ever crafted, many of them dating back to humanity's golden age. As such, many players have speculated that some fan-favorite Exotic weapons from the original Destiny will appear in the expansion, most notably The Last Word and Icebreaker. Known Destiny leaker AnonTheNine - who correctly predicted the return of Thunderlord - said as much earlier this year

The mysterious Exo who appears in the Black Armory's promotional materials has also sparked speculation, with many players believing him to be Gaunt, a gunsmith described in the original Destiny as a fusion rifle specialist. The new Forges of the Chain mode is also rumored to be similar to the Archon Forge horde mode from Destiny's Rise of Iron DLC, but like AnonTheNine's predictions, this has not been confirmed. 

Season of the Forge is bringing some much-needed improvements to Gambit on November 27.  

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