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Deadpool losing Rodriguez?


Deadpool has long been synonymous with the names Ryan Reynolds and Robert Rodriguez.

But thanks to Rodriguez’s interminably busy-as-a-Christmas-elf movie schedule – which includes the treasure trove of CGI horrors that will certainly be Spy Kids 4 and the long in demand Sin City 2 – 20th Century Fox are seeking out plan B directing alternatives.

One name that’s leapt onto their list is Swedish ad/video director Adam Berg, whose award-winning commercial Carousel grabbed the Cannes Lions International Advertising prize in 2009.

24 Frames are now reporting that Berg is a “top contender” to take on the project if Rodriguez is unable to.

While this would be a definite blow for Rod lovers (us included) salivating at the prospect of seeing him take on another comic book adap, if there’s no way for him to physically make Deadpool , Berg is definitely somebody who could bring the movie to life with style.

Just check out the Carousel ad for yourself, a mad mix of Dark Knight and The Matrix