Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

Combo Weapons 81-90 

Spiked Bat
Created by combining: Baseball Bat + Box of Nails
Blueprint found: On the porch of a house in northwest Ingleton

Spiked Bucket
Created by combining: Bucket + Meat Cleaver
Blueprint found: Inside Big Bulls butchers in northwest Ingleton, near the challenge marker

Split Shot
Created by combining: Lead Pipe + Assault Rifle
Blueprint found: Inside the Military Compound in west Ingleton, accessed during Chapter 4 mission

Sticky Bomb
Created by combining: Grenade + Scissors
Blueprint found: At the end of a west Ingleton alleyway in the back of a truck

Super Crossbow
Created by combining: Motorcycle Engine + Crossbow
Blueprint found: Inside a garage in Central Storage at the east end of the Freeway, accessed during Chapter 4 mission

Super Massager
Created by combining: Massager + Leaf Blower
Blueprint found: Upstairs in Speedy’s Spot Strip Club in central South Almuda

* Super Shout
Created by combining: * Power Shout + Portable Stereo
Blueprint found: On the roof of the Garage in South Almuda, accessed through the first floor window of the Zip Gas Corporate Office to the west by climbing on a large vehicle

Tactical Handgun
Created by combining: Handgun + Flashlight
Blueprint found: Awarded for completing Chapter 0

* Tactical RC
Created by combining: RC Helicopter + Machete
Blueprint found: In the back of a truck at the north entrance to Central City

* Tactical RC Bomber
Created by combining: * Tactical RC + Grenade
Blueprint found: On a rooftop in southwest Central City, accessed by jumping from the balcony of the adjacent Safe Zone