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Dark Souls Remastered full walkthrough guide: every area, boss, secret and more

Dark Souls Remastered full walkthough: EXPLORING BLIGHTTOWN’S SWAMP (OPTIONAL)

There are lots of goodies scattered around the swamp area, but without the Rusted Iron Ring and some Purple Moss Clumps to cure poison, don’t even think about trying to grab them all. Wandering around the edges of the swamp you’ll find the following notable items: The Server Greatsword (which restored HP with each hit), a Great Club, a large titanite chunk, a green titanite shard, a large soul of a proud knight, and a large titanite shard.

You’ll also find a large tree root leading up into a hollow tree where you’ll find a plank shield. Hit the wall left of this corpse to reveal a treasure chest containing Twin Humanities. Hit the wall behind that chest to reveal a path to The Great Hollow. You can try to traverse this hidden area now, but we don’t recommend it. Don’t worry – we’ll be back.

From the bonfire tunnel, head right and hug the wall. You’ll eventually reach a wooden ramp leading up to a makeshift elevator. You can use this to climb up and out of Blighttown. About halfway up, however, you’ll notice a stone tunnel. But before you enter the tunnel, explore the wooden platforms for the Crimson Armor Set and Sorcery: Remedy.

Now enter the stone tunnel. If you explore the lower level, you’ll find a Fire Keeper’s Soul. Just watch out for the numerous Hellhounds and Blowdart Snipers.

Leave the tunnel and continue climbing the ladders up. At the very top, before you enter the tunnel, you’ll find a chest containing the Key to New Londo Ruins. Go through the tunnel, taking out (or running past) the three barbarians, and emerge in the Valley of the Drakes.

Turn right and cross the small wooden bridge, then turn left and use your new key to open the door (this door can also be opened with the Master Key, and may already be open if you explored on your own). This leads to the New Londo Ruins, which in turn lead back to Firelink Shrine. If you want to rest up there, feel free, but we don’t recommend it. We highly suggest using homeward bone after unlocking the aforementioned door to return to the Blighttown swamp bonfire. Or, while you’re in the Valley of the Drakes

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