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Dark Souls on PC could happen with petition, says Namco admin

Want to see Dark Souls on PC? Although far from official, a Namco Bandai staff member indicated a PC version could have a shot at happening if fans can produce a petition proving there's an actual demand for the port.

Responding to requests for a PC adaptation of From Software's punishing action role-playing game in Namco Bandai's forums, an administrator by the name of Shoupinou told one fan a show of community support may actually make a difference, writing, “There is always possibilities to have games adapted on PC and the good news is that Dark Souls is not a 100% typical console game so the adaptation is possible. Now to make things happen, let's say the demand has to be properly done. someone to make a successful petition?”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently responded to the challenge by setting up its own online petition, which at time of publishing has ballooned to over over 47K signatures. Unfortunately, Namco has caught wind of Shoupinou's suggestion and is calling the possibility of a PC port nothing more than a “rumor” for now.

Whether or not the petitioning goes anywhere is anyone's guess, but at least Namco Bandai has shown it's listening. That said, if you're still determined to get your ass handed to you on PC, it can't hurt to sign on the virtual line.