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Crash 4 Flashback Tapes explained: How to get them and complete the special levels

Crash 4 Flashback Tapes
(Image credit: Activision)

If you want even more levels to play, make sure you're collecting all of the Crash 4 Flashback Tapes. These are another collectible in Crash Bandicoot 4: it's About Time on top of the usual coloured gems and hidden gems, that unlocks more content afterwards, and these Flashback Tapes are hard. There are some minor spoilers below about what the Crash 4 Flashback Tapes entail, but keep reading for a full list of the levels you can unlock them on.

How to get Flashback Tapes in Crash 4

Crash 4 Flashback Tapes

(Image credit: Activision)

Not every single level in Crash 4 has a Flashback Tape. There are over 30 story levels and only 21 Flashback Tapes to collect, so don't worry about scouring every level for them. We've got the full list of levels with Flashback Tapes in Crash Bandicoot 4 here:

  1. Crash Compactor - The Hazardous Wastes
  2. Hit The Road - The Hazardous Wastes
  3. Booty Calls - Salty Wharf
  4. Jetboard Jetty - Salty Wharf
  5. Give It A Spin - Tranquility Falls
  6. Draggin' On - Tranquility Falls
  7. Off-Balance - Tranquility Falls
  8. Off Beat - Mosquito Marsh
  9. Run It Bayou - Mosquito Marsh
  10. Snow Way Out - The 11th Dimension
  11. Stay Frosty - The 11th Dimension
  12. Bears Repeating - The 11th Dimension
  13. Blast To The Past - Eggipus Dimension
  14. Dino Dash - Eggipus Dimension
  15. Out For Launch - Bermugula's Orbit
  16. Stowing Away - Bermugula's Orbit
  17. Crash Landed - Bermugula's Orbit
  18. Food Run - The Sn@xx Dimension
  19. Nitro Processing - Cortex Island
  20. Toxic Tunnels - Cortex Island
  21. Cortex Castle - Cortex Island

To collect the Flashback Tapes on each of the above levels, you simply have to reach it without dying. It's usually on the main path so it's pretty hard to miss, and if you do die before reaching it, you'll be able to see the Flashback Tape silhouette, taunting you. Some of the Flashback Tapes in the later levels are quite far in, meaning they're seriously hard to get.

What are Flashback Tapes in Crash 4?

Crash 4 Flashback Tapes

(Image credit: Activision)

When you collect a Flashback Tape, you unlock a secret level. These are quite literally flashbacks to when Dr. Neo Cortex was doing tests on Crash Bandicoot. There are no gems to collect or hidden secrets to find; all you have to do is reach the end of the level. 

There are three tiers of medal to unlock, like with the Time Trials, awarded for simply completing the level, getting 90% of crates, and getting all of the crates. These levels become incredibly difficult but there is no penalty for dying, so try as many times as you like! They're accessible via the green television squares on the dimension map. Good luck!

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