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Cave Of Forgotten Dreams exclusive quad poster

Werner Herzog’s new documentary Cave Of Forgotten Dreams is due out this March, and here we have an exclusive first look at the film’s quad poster.

Having gained access to the newly discovered Chauvet caves in the South of France, Herzog’s new film uncovers the beautiful cave paintings revealed therein, which date back 32,000 years.

The cave is considered one of the most important sites for prehistoric art, containing hundreds of cave paintings that offer an insight into those past, sometimes savage lives.

Herzog shot Cave in 3D in order to fully transport audiences into the cave with him, and the film received positive reviews when it premiered at the Toronto Festival.

If Cave is anything like Herzog’s Oscar-nominated Encounters At The End Of The World , it truly will be something special to behold.

Check out the film’s trailer below…

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams opens 25 March.