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Catherine box art asks if you're a breast or an ass man

Above isthe cover art forCatherineon both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Your preference will likely be determined by factors unrelated to your preference of console...

The racy selection isn't surprising given Atlus' previous promo images. Remember the image that headlined the developer blog? Well, even if you do, you probably don't mind seeing it again:

The biggest surprise has nothing to do with the anatomy pictured on the box, but rather with that little 'C' down in the corner. That's the game's CERO rating - the Japanese equivalent of the ESRB or PEGI.

CERO C is for ages 15 and up, so it's equivalent to an American T rating. Dissidia Final Fantasy, Soul Calibur IV, and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker all earned the same rating. Given the rating, we imagine that the actual content in the game is, at most, only as racy asthe box art. free polls
Are you an ass man or a breast man?
I'm an ass and prefer the 360 box art I'm a breast and prefer the PS3 box art I'm a foot. These box arts do nothing for me

Dec 3, 2010