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Bruno Fernandes FIFA 19: Stats, overall, potential and more

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Manchester United have been strongly linked with a summer move for Portugal’s next bright hope, but what can Bruno Fernandes’ FIFA 19 stats tell us about the player himself? 

Promising things, as one would hope for midfielder valued at £50million. The 24-year-old hit 20 goals and 13 assists in 33 Liga NOS matches last year, and those achievements were replicated in-game by an impressive seven Bruno Fernandes FIFA 19 items: a standard card (83), a winter upgrade card (84), three TOTW cards (86, 87 and 89), a MOTM card (88) and a TOTS card (94). 

Yeah, this boy is a bit special. 

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The 84-rated winter upgrade card – which has become the Bruno Fernandes item regularly found in packs – is the one worth closer inspection. Its best ratings are long shots (90), stamina (90), shot power (89) and vision (86). Other promising scores are short passing (84), crossing (84) and ball control (85).

According to Bruno Fernandes’ FIFA 19 card his main weakness is sliding tackles (54). Old Trafford regulars may also want to look away when he’s asked to track an opponent – he scores 59 for marking and an overall defensive rating of 64. 

That lofty OVR of 84 places Fernandes as United’s third best midfielder behind Paul Pogba (89) and Nemanja Matic (86). Next in the pecking order are Juan Mata (83), Jesse Lingard (82) and Fred (82). Especially exciting is his FIFA 19 career mode potential, for which he scores 89.

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Bruno Fernandes’ Football Manager 2019 ratings tell a similar story to that of FIFA 19. The best-in-class dugout sim awards ratings out of 20 rather than 100, and here Bruno fares especially well on passing (16), vision (16) and – most crucially of all for those raised watching Beckham and Cantona – flair (17).

Football Manager weak points for Fernandes are strength (9), marking (8) and long throws (5) – but CAM’s aren’t often tasked with the latter anyway. 

As for Bruno Fernandes’ FIFA 20 card: it’ll have to be a wait-and-see job for now. But my prediction if a United move occurs is a season-starting OVR of 86, moving up to 87 in January if he has yet another sterling campaign at home and abroad.

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Note that he doesn’t have his real face in the game yet, so you’re stuck with a genero-head if and when Fernandes does make the big move. Hopefully that can be rectified with a mid-season scan, just like these FIFA 19 player faces.

FIFA 19 is out now, while FIFA 20 is released on 27 September. Want to know more on the latter? Then jump over to our rundown of FIFA 20 confirmed features.

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