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Bruce Willis is a Surrogate

Now that Oliver Stone’s planned war drama Pinkville has been unceremoniously yanked from the schedules thanks to the lack of a finished script and the small matter of the writers’ strike, Bruce Willis’ diary just found itself with an open slot.

He’s been quick to fill it with a starring role in The Surrogates, a new sci-fi thriller that Jonathan Mostow is planning to direct for Disney.

The script – adapted by Terminator 3 scribes Michael Ferris and John Brancato from the Top Shelf Comix title – finds a near-future world where humans live in sheltered isolation and experience the world vicariously through better-looking surrogate robots (sounds like the natural progression of Facebook, if you ask us). Willis’ cop uses his robo-self to investigate the murders of other peoples’ surrogates. But when he’s forced outside for the first time in years, he discovers a conspiracy. Machines run the world! Oh, wait… That’s The Matrix. It’s a different conspiracy.

Mostow is gearing up to film in Boston this coming February, with the studio hoping to release the finished product late next year.