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Brink multiplayer character classes guide

Brink prides itself on being different than most other shooters. For those new to it though, this is a bittersweet deal. It’s not just about racking up kills or holding static points anymore. You’re going to need to know what class is suited for, and how to effectively utilize different abilities to accomplish both main and side objectives. It can take a while to figure out what strategies work best, which abilities are worth your time, and how to make an effective character build. That’s why we’ve made this guide - so that you don’t have to Brink about it...


Because it's a game that puts the focus on objectives and playing as a team, the class you pick has a huge bearing on your success. Here's a quick break down of who does what the best.


Soldiers are a valuable resource based soley on their ability to supply extra ammo to themselves and teammates. Given how little ammo everyone starts with in Brink, this ability is extremely useful to those who aren’t dying every thirty seconds. Soldiers can’t do much in terms of secondary objectives, but they are tailor-made to be on the front lines spraying bullets and throwing lots of different things that go bang.

Most Useful Abilities

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Molotov - This nifty little device really comes in handy. It’s like a second grenade that you don’t need to cook. It deals a good amount of damage and can knock down opponents. Plus, it’s fiery explosion looks infinitely better than the pathetically underwhelming frag grenades. Damage is 110 for a direct hit and 90 for splash damage (Light, Medium, and Heavy types have 120, 140, 180 hit points respectively).

Flashbangs (rank 2 required) - Especially useful when assaulting an objective the opposing team is clustered around. The light will blind enemies for eight seconds, allowing you to mow them down with a gun or chuck a grenade.

Kevlar Vest (rank 3 required) - These vests further buff your defense, completely negating about 10% of all bullet damage you receive. It’s a passive ability that should be learned asap.


A medic always comes in handy when the poo hits the fan. They can buff their own health or that of their allies, and give revive syringes to downed teammates. The Self Ressurection ability even allows them to revive themselves. Medics should usually be light types, since getting to downed teammates quickly is the top priority. In certain cases (matches based on defending objectives) it is better to have a heavy medic that can soak up some damage as he helps those around him.

Most Useful Abilities

Increase Supplies (rank 2 required) - One extra pip tacked onto your supply meter means you can do one more action. This can mean the difference when the match is coming down to mere seconds, and that operative near the objective needs a revive.

Above: A.R.K Noire

Self Ressurection (rank 4 required) - Sometimes there just aren’t enough medics due to the fact that they aren’t absolutely required in missions that don’t contain escort objectives. If you’re the only medic in your squad, self ressurection can be your best friend.

Lazarus Grenade (rank 5 required) - This bad boy revives everyone it its blast radius. Granted, those revived will only have 1 point of health, but when an entire group of soldiers resurrects near an objective just as the defenders are breathing a sigh of relief, you will know the power of this item.


Engineers are arguably the best class in the game. They can build turrets, place landmines, buff their own damage or that of their teammates, and lots more. Engineers can really benefit from the heavy type, which allows them to soak up those extra few bullets while buidling and stay at the frontline to support the team with various buffs.

Most Useful Abilities

Land Mines - Putting these down near objectives can really slow down an enemy advance. Foes will either have to sacrifice a player to remove the mine, or have an operative nearby to spot it and an engineer to disarm it. Landmines cause 175 points of damage, which is enough to kill light and medium types outright.
Improved Weapon Buff (rank 4 required) - A normal weapon buff increases damage by 18 percent. The improved buff increases damage by 31 percent. That’s a huge difference, and a game changer if you can buff several of your teammates before an assault.

Above: ____ is sappin mah _____!

Gatling Turret (rank 5 required) - Turrets are invaluable when it comes to defense. The gatling turret is simply the best kind there is. Though this ability requires you to have already purchased the light and medium turrents, the payoff is worth it. Gatling turrets have an extremely fast firing rate, making them almost as useful as another fighter.


Operatives are great for completing side objectives. When you kill an opponent, you can disguise yourself by standing over them and pressing the appropriate button. If you fire your weapon or start an activity the disguise will vanish, but the purpose is to get where you need to go with little resistance. As an Operative, you can really help your team by getting to various secondary objectives, finding and disarming mines, and hacking enemy turrets. They’re also a great class for xp farming, as each disguise garners 125 points. Since operatives rely so much on movement, light types work best.

Most Useful Abilities

Above: Don’t taze me bro!

Comms Hack (rank 2 required) - If you have this ability and approach an incapacitated (not dead) enemy, you’ll be able to hack the opposing team’s comm system. Though the effect only lasts five seconds, all enemies on the map will be highlighted for your entire team.

Cortex Bomb (rank 4 required) - These bombs work as a final “f*ck you!” to any enemy near you while you’re incapacitated. The blast is strong enough to kill any type outright, though obviously it kills you as well.

EMP Grenade (rank 5 required) - These are designed to disable, disrupt, and handicap - though only temporarily. The following are effected by an EMP grenade: demo charges, satchel charges, sticky grenades, PDAs, hack boxes, mines, command posts, turrets, radar, and maintenance bots. That enough for ya?