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BloodyXmas iPhone game is far from the typical Christmas fare

For most, the holidays are about sharing, caring, and loving all the people around you. But behind the scenes, there's a whole lot of blood and gore. That is, if you believe BloodyXmas's take on what it's like in Santa's workshop.

Designed for those who are sick and tired of the usual sappy holiday fare, BloodyXmas turns the North Pole into a bloodbath, as only Santa Claus can save the toys and presents from a fantastical enemy force.

You play as Santa as he defends his home turf from zombies, skeletons, and monsterswhich try to destroy Christmas as we know it. Of course, in this game, Santa looks more like a retired professional wrestler than a jolly old soul.

You can pick up sledgehammers, chainsaws, cleavers, and a "massive secret super weapon" - all of which we would definitely expect to see in Santa's workshop - to attack the enemies. It's pretty typical hack-and-slash gameplay.

There are 24 levels to complete (corresponding with the first 24 days of December). Successfully hack-and-slash your way through all that, and Christmas will arrive without a hitch.

So, for those of you who get a little stressed out with all the spending, extra hours at work, and putting up with boring relatives, this might be anice way to relieve your stress. We haven't played the game yet, butit's available now from the iPhone App Store for 99 cents.

Dec 14, 2010