Bloodborne: The Old Hunters boss guide

Living Failures

The Research Hall is a strange place, but after moving the staircase and stepping into the garden, you'll meet its most vile residents: the Living Failures.

Video strategy:

This battle isn't particularly hard, though you'll have to juggle multiple targets. Each Failure can be defeated individually, but damage is dealt to the shared health bar on screen - you don't have to kill every one that spawns as long as you chip away that whole meter.

Some Failures will attack with high-damaging face plants and swipes, but these are easy to sidestep. The magic-users are another story, and there are three spells they can use. The first is a small homing ball, but this moves slow enough for you to outrun. The second is a hovering ball that fires homing crystals. These move faster, so be prepared to sidestep until they fade away. Finally, the Failures may raise their hands in unison, darkening the sky. When this happens, mash that dodge button and stay moving - meteors will crash down from above.

This fight isn't too hard, especially if you focus on the magic-casters first. Pro tip: the sunflower will block most magic spells. Stay on your toes and focus on whittling down one foe at a time, and you'll be good to go.

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