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It truly is a BLASTER mind quiz this week, as we get you to identify some sci-fi and fantasy weapons

Anyway, usual rules. Simply identify the film, TV show, game, comic or whatever that the weapons below are from (or in the one highlighted case, its owner). No prizes, this is just for fun. Prizes would make it feel all professional and take away the innocent joy of taking part. Well, that’s our excuse, anyway. Please don’t use the comments section to post answers, though you may find this thread useful for discussing the tricky ones.

AND NOW, WE HAVE ANSWERS! They’re in invisible text below each picture, so highlight that area to reveal all

Weapon 1

Blake’s Seven

Weapon 2

Doctor Who (award yourself extra Brownie points if you correctly identified it as from the two-parter “Human Nature”/“The Family Of Blood”)

Weapon 3

Weapon 4

Star Wars (Han Solo’s blaster)

Weapon 5

The Glave from Krull

Weapon 6


Weapon 7

Stargate SG-1


Weapon 8


Weapon 9


Weapon 10


Weapon 11

We want to know the owner of this one (well the real one, not the really cool toy one… that we definitely don’t own… no honestly…)

General Grievous