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Black Ops 2 gets native Twitch broadcasting

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the latest game service to debut built-in Twitch steaming support, meaning players will no longer need to leave their games to broadcast them online. Twitch announced the livestreaming integration hit Xbox 360 today with PC and PlayStation 3 support coming soon, though no mention was made of Wii U support.

Black Ops 2 players will be able to stream their game, an audio commentary track, and even a webcam to viewers with no extra equipment needed. New or existing accounts can be accessed from within the interface, and players can begin their broadcast immediately. The streams will be viewable on Twitch, as well as on Call of Duty Elite with easy access to featured player cards and loadouts.

Both PlanetSide 2 and Electronic Arts' digital distribution service Origin debuted native Twitch integration in November.

Connor Sheridan
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