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PlanetSide 2 gets built-in Twitch streaming

Streaming PC games has taken off like nobody's business in the last year or two, but it can be a little bit of a hassle to set up. Twitch and Sony Online Entertainment hope to start changing that this weekend when they enable built-in streaming in the PlanetSide 2 beta.

Broadcast options will appear in the free-to-play MMOFPS' menu sometime between now and Monday, giving users a one-click process to stream live gaming footage with options for frames per second, resolution, and bitrate. The feature might have a few kinks since it, too, is in beta, but it will be fully functional alongside PlanetSide 2 when the game launches on November 20.

Twitch says it's in talks with multiple developers and publishers to get the service integrated from the ground up in other games, as well.

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