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Black Friday game deals 2019

Black Friday game deals 2019
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We're about a month away from the start of the Black Friday game deals, and it looks like 2019 will be a bumper year for console gamers. The sales at the end of November and start of December - what we generously call the Black Friday period - are expected to offer big savings on all things gaming, whether you're looking for a brand new Switch or PS4 Pro deal, or just looking to supplement your set-up with a fresh headset, a new controller, or even a fancy new 4K gaming TV. To help you navigate all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness (and it does get fairly bewildering), we've created this guide, which will host the best deals when they become active.

When you're hunting for Black Friday game deals there are a handful of things you can do to make sure you save the maximum amount of money. We've got a full guide below, but basically you need to know what you intend to buy upfront, and you should be aware of what the current price history is. There's nothing worse than picking up a 'great' Black Friday deal on one of the best gaming laptops, only to discover you paid the same price as you would have done in September. The other top tip is to save yourself a bit of cash for gaming impulse purchases, as you never quite know what you're going to find, and a big saving on something like an Xbox One game or a board game can make an ideal gift for someone you love (or just really like) or yourself.

We will be checking all retailers all throughout November and December for the very best Black Friday game deals. We've listed some of the best current prices below, looked at the top deals from last year, and included more buying advice. Bookmark this page, as we'll be updating it frequently in the run up to Black Friday.

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Black Friday game deals - when do they start?

Ok, if you're serious about shopping the Black Friday game deals, here are some key dates for you. Black Friday itself is November 29, the day after Thanksgiving. Often retailers save their absolute primo deals for the Friday itself, so if you see something you love on Nov 29 and it's the right price, that is the best time to buy it. We also have Cyber Monday on December 2, which is less of an event in its own right, but still a significant date in the whole Black Friday sales period. Traditionally, Cyber Monday was the biggie for tech and PC, but that no longer holds true - gaming sees discounts throughout the Black Friday sales.

Now, because retail events get bigger every year, you can expect the Black Friday game deals to kick off long before that Nov 29 date. We usually see deals starting about a week before, so you could get discounts from around November 21-22 (even earlier, in some cases) and they'll last until... well, after Christmas usually. While you'll maybe see Black Friday deals ending around December 5, the low prices carry on until the Festive season is over, and you've had that rush post-Christmas of everyone spending their gift money. This one is a marathon, not a sprint, people.

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Black Friday game deals - what will they be?

What will the Black Friday game deals actually be? Well, we can make a few sensible predictions based on what we saw last year, and what we've seen in 2019 so far.

1. Xbox One will get deep discounts
Microsoft isn't messing around. It knows it lost ground to Sony this generation, it knows it has a strong cross-generational library of games, and it wants to bring in as many people as possible before launching into next-gen. We've seen Xbox One S systems go as cheap as $200 during events like Prime Day, we think you'll see them dip below that $175 threshold during Black Friday. What's more, you'll get a couple of games thrown in too. Xbox One X will follow the same aggressive discounting. The console dipped below $399 during E3, and it'll get to $350 or below with some Black Friday Xbox One X deals. You'll likely see those offers come with a AAA game too.

2. PS4 will lean heavily on bundles
Sony is winning, so it doesn't need to try that hard. PS4 Black Friday deals will follow the same pattern as they did in 2018, with one big exception. Last year we saw Sony completely rely on the launch of a PS4 Pro bundle that included Red Dead Redemption 2, and it sold at pretty much full price ($399). There was a PS4 Slim bundle too, which also went for $299. In 2019, there's no killer game to rely on for full-priced bundles, so Sony will shift tactic a little. Sure, we may see a small saving on PS4 Pro and Slim, but that will likely come from retailers undercutting each other. What we'll get more of is bundles: PS4 Pro with Death Stranding and Days Gone? Very likely. PS4 Slim with Spider-Man and a Greatest Hits game? Certain. You're less likely to save money on PS4 than with Xbox One, but you'll get a handful of games thrown in during Black Friday for sure. As another note: we often find that the Black Friday Walmart PS4 deals are the best.

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3. Nintendo won't cut Switch prices... but retailers will
With the Switch Lite now available, and the improved battery-life Switch also in the wild, it seems Nintendo is in no rush to reduce the prices of either console any time soon. With these new models still attracting good sales, why should the Japanese giant offer discounts? Despite that, you can expect to see retailers like Amazon and Walmart to push harder on savings, as they'll all be competing to be 'the place' to buy Switch during Black Friday. Previous years have seen decent savings on the console itself, and a host of generous bundles. This year will probably lean heavier on the bundle, as the Switch has a decent library of games to choose from. We'd expect to see the vanilla version of the Nintendo Switch sell for about $30-50 cheaper on Black Friday, and we'd also expect to see bundles with one or two games for about the $300 price. There's rarely a good time to buy the console, given how rarely they're discounted, but the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are your best bet.

4. November is prime time to go PC
While console makers fuss over bundles and next-gen plans, PC parts have rarely been better value for money. In turn, that means gaming PCs are superb value for money, and will be even better during Black Friday. The GPU is the most costly component of any gaming PC or laptop, and there's a price war happening between Nvidia, AMD, and er, Nvidia (which is muscling out its own 20-series cards with new 20-series Super cards). The end result is that graphics cards are cheaper, and therefore all builds are cheaper too. SSDs are tumbling in price, and DDR4 RAM is steadily getting ever more affordable. 144Hz screens are increasingly the norm for both laptops and monitors too, so unless you're looking to pack in 4K or touch-screen tech (which isn't necessary for gaming), you can grab great laptop builds for less. Couple this pricing trend with the fact manufacturers always slash prices over Black Friday, to make room for next year's models and... it's the year of PC gaming. Here's our guide to all the Black Friday gaming PC deals.

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5. Games prices will vary
Ok, the actual games in the Black Friday game deals will be a mixture of amazing discounts and 'meh'. The big hitters that will definitely go on offer will be all last year's AAA games and those from early 2019, like Red Dead Redemption 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Resi 2. You'll definitely see decent savings on some of this summer's big games - we predict $20 off both Control and Borderlands 3. The huge winter blockbusters like Gears 5 and Death Stranding won't get decent price cuts, but are likely to be freely bundled with consoles. Notice how we haven't mentioned Nintendo games here: discounts on Switch titles are rare, and not usually implemented by Nintendo, so you're not going to see any cheap Nintendo games unless retailers slash prices. Our guess? Mario Odyssey will go for $30, Zelda for $45, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for $25, and Smash Bros for maybe $45 too. Nothing fantastic, but hey, better than paying $60 full price. The best way to get games will be bundles, so watch out for Black Friday gaming specials.

6. Gaming TVs will be everywhere
As certain as death and taxes, Black Friday will see the slashing of 4K TV prices. This is great news for gamers, because you can either pick up a decent sized 4K panel for less than $300 (from a good manufacturer like LG or Samsung) or upgrade to an OLED or QLED TV for less than $1000. That may seem like a lot of scratch, but the difference in picture quality from regular 4K to OLED is very noticeable. So, whether you're looking to pop your 4K cherry, or upgrade to a sleeker model, it's best to save your money for Black Friday. Check our guide to the Black Friday TV deals for more.

7. Black Friday is always a time to get a tablet
Whereas companies like Apple never used to offer Black Friday iPad deals, we saw some great savings on tablets and phones both last November AND in July, during Amazon Prime Day. And when Apple makes a move to discount stock, so do other tablet makers like Samsung and Microsoft. Amazon itself always offers steep discounts on Kindle and Kindle Fire too, so if you're in the market for a secondary gaming screen, November is THE time for it. Last year we saw Apple cut about 20-25% off the price of 2018's iPads, and with a bunch of new tablets recently released, you should see the same kind of savings this year. You'll win bigger if you go for models with larger storage capacities too, so if you think you'll need it, be prepared to stretch your budget a little... you won't be disappointed when it drops through your letterbox.

8. It's always on for headsets
Much like TV tech, audio is often the star of the sales in November. Picking up a Black Friday gaming headset deal is a smart thing to do, as the majority of modern headsets will not only give you years of superior audio, but they will also be compatible with future consoles and PC builds. Even if they do lack whatever connection MS and Sony insist on for their next consoles, we've started to see amps and DACs that not only enable you to connect to other devices, but also enhance the sound provided by regular headsets, even adding 7.1 surround in some cases. There's never a bad time to get a headset deal, but Black Friday is certainly the best opportunity to do so.

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Black Friday game deals - money saving tips

While it's great to get a Black Friday game deal or two, you don't always get the best value for money. Sometimes retailers will deliberately hike up prices a few weeks before November, only to cut them back to 'normal levels' and insist they're special offers. So, how do you know if you're getting an actual decent deal, or if you're just paying normal rates? Here are a few tips.

1. Make a list now
You'll already have a good idea of what you want to buy during the Black Friday game deals, so make sure you make a note now. Maybe pop it onto an Amazon wishlist, or keep a doc on your PC. There really aren't many saving events in September, so you get a good idea of what the 'average price' is for something. If you have a list of stuff you really want, you'll easily be able to see what the real discount is, come Black Friday, and whether you're getting good value. Just don't wait until October to do it, or you'll be seeing inflated prices. If you're looking for a Black Friday gaming headset deal, for example, do the research now.

2. Price comparison sites are your friend
There are several price comparison sites - like CamelCamelCamel - which will help you see the price history of an item. Give them a quick check before buying something, if you're unsure. But what if other retailers have the same item cheaper? Well, we've got a bunch of price comparison tools, so we actually do all that work for you if you see something in our guides. Failing that, you can always check your favorite retailers manually, but that takes time.

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3. If you like it, get it
While we all like to get something at the rock bottom price, sometimes that isn't possible. Often the most popular stuff will sell out in minutes, when you're not even online, and that means you have to get whatever you want for either full-price or less of a discount. One common-sense tip we always give is that if you like what you see, and it's at a historically great price, then you should buy first and regret it later. Chances are you're actually getting the best deal and, even if you pay a few dollars more, you're guaranteeing you're getting the thing you actually want at a price you're happy with. Here are today's best console prices.

Black Friday game deals - what happened last year?

While we're looking ahead to the Black Friday game deals in 2019, it always pays to look back at the savings from last year. After all, they give you a good idea of what to expect in November, and allow you to pick out the true bargains from the 'actually-not-that-great-I'll-save-my-money-thanks' kinda deals. Below are a list of the best deals from the 2018 event - none of them are still available, obviously, but it gives you a good idea of what happened during the blur of Black Friday last November. Note there were a lot of Black Friday PlayStation VR deals in 2018, so expect to see plenty of them again.

Xbox One X is $409 right now at Walmart (save 20%)
Microsoft's amazing 4K console is now $90 less. Suggest you snap it up right now from Walmart, while stocks last (it's already at in-store pickup only).
View Deal

Xbox One S 1TB console with Minecraft for $199 at Walmart (save $100)
This is the lowest price we've seen on an Xbox One S console. It's not an X, but still does HDR and plays 4K Blu-rays, so at $200 it's a great price.View Deal

Official Xbox One controller is $39 at Walmart (save $20)
Grab yourself a new Xbox controller, in a variety of colors, for $20 less at Walmart. It's an essential, so you should stock up now.
View Deal

12 months of Xbox Game pass for $69.99 from Amazon (save 42%)
You get a whole year of Xbox Game Pass here, for $50-off. Game Pass grants you access to 100s of new Xbox One games, for free, and you can download and play at your leisure. It's Netflix for games, essentially.
View Deal

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) and a $10 Google Play gift card for $59.89 at Walmart
One of 2018's best and most sprawling games available on Cyber Monday with a $10 Google Play bonus. View Deal

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is $36.30 at Walmart (save 40%)
One of the most overlooked games of 2018, you can grab Lara's latest for over $20 off the normal price. Available on PS4 and Xbox One.
View Deal

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is $11.86 at Walmart (save $28)
Wow - this is a great price on a game you probably missed first time around. For less than $12, you get a smart, open world exploration game from the makers of Battlefield 5.
View Deal

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con (pair) is $68 at Walmart (save $11)
Again, console accessories for Switch rarely see discounts, so with $10 off this Joy-Con set, that's a damn good deal. Time to stock up (they're already down to in-store pickup only).
View Deal

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is $59.99 at Amazon (save 14%)
And if you're looking to play Smash Bros. this Holiday season, you'll need a Pro Controller. Buy this one now, from Amazon, for $10 less.
View Deal

Razer Blade 15 with i7-8750, 1060 MaxQ, 16GB RAM, and 2TB HDD is $1699 at Walmart (save $500)
This is a good spec for a Razer Blade 15, and with $500 off the list price, it's a good deal too. That CPU is quick, and there's plenty of RAM. The 1060 MaxQ will do a good job as well.
View Deal

Sennheiser Game One gaming headset is $129.51 (save 48%) on Amazon
Wow. One of the best gaming headsets you can buy and it has 48% off the sticker price. Sennheiser is a big name in audio, and this is a great product.
View Deal

WD MyPassport 2TB external hard drive for PS4 is $69.99 at Amazon (save 22%)
Looking to expand the storage of your console? Our favorite HDD, the MyPassport, is $20 off right now. Well worth buying.
View Deal

Samsung QLED 55" 4K TV (Q6FN) for $1097.99 at (save $400)
Wow! A Samsung QLED TV for just over $1000? This TV is brilliant for gaming, so you need to buy this right now. The colors are incredible, the response rate is good, and this has Vsync for PC play.
View Deal

Samsung 49"UN49NU8000FXZA Ultra HD LED TV $647.99 at Walmart
This Samsung TV offers performance close to the impressive QLED range if you
mess with the image settings, but at a much lower price. Add in HDR+, Auto Game Mode, and Samsung's SmartThings set-up app, and this is a real great offer.View Deal

Secretlab Neue gaming chair is $549 (was $699) at Secretlab
This great gaming chair has 21% off for Cyber Monday, and it's a damn good chair too. The discount only last another couple of days.
View Deal

PS4 Pro + God of War is £349 at (save £40)
If you want a new Pro with one of the best games of 2018, this is the bundle for you. The Pro is normally £350 by itself, so you're getting a top game essentially for free.
View Deal

South Park: Fractured But Whole is £17.99 at Argos (save £25)
Need a new RPG to sink your teeth into? The newest South Park is better than half price at Argos.
View Deal

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over-ear headphones are £190 at Amazon (was £379)
These are superb headphones, ideally suited for all uses - not just gaming. No mic on these, but they're such an incredible price, you can live with that.
View Deal

Nintendo Switch official case is £4.49 (was £14.99)
This is a huge saving of 66% on the official Switch case. That's an amazing deal, especially if you just got that new console.
View Deal

LG 65" 4K TV (UK6300PLB) is £758 at Amazon (save £640)
This massive LG panel has a massive saving too. It was £1400, but you can now grab it for way, WAY less if you act fast.
View Deal

Asus ROG Swift WQHD 27" 165Hz gaming monitor is £579 at
Our favorite gaming monitor is reduced by around £200 here, and is a brilliant all-rounder.
View Deal

Logitech G502 gaming mouse is £39.99 at Amazon (was £69.99)
This is our favorite gaming mouse, and it's currently better than half-price. You need to buy today, however, as the deal ends very soon.
View Deal

Black Friday game deals - our promise to you

The wealth of Black Friday game deals that go on offer in November is, quite frankly, very confusing. We're here to hunt down the genuine best deals, and tell you about them, to help save you money. We know games, we know PC, we know hardware and peripherals, so we know what you might actually want.

We only recommend deals that are actually good. By 'good' we mean: Is the product or bundle ACTUALLY worth buying? Would we buy it ourselves? If the answer is 'Yes' to both these questions, we'll include it here. And by 'deals' we mean: Is the product or bundle actually a bargain? Is there a big enough saving to genuinely recommend you buy it immediately, or seriously consider buying it? Again, if the answer is 'Yes' to both these questions, we will include it in this feature.

We won't include bad deals or poor products, and we will never recommend products from retailers that we don't trust ourselves. Below is a list of some of our most popular guides - to help you inform your buying decisions even further.

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