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Bill Clinton shoots cameo for Hangover 2

The Hangober

Bill Clinton, the former US president, must have been getting chummy with Arnold Schwarzenegger – it’s the only way to explain his sudden interest in becoming a movie star.

Either that or he just loves The Hangover . TMZ are reporting that the former first man of the United States has been snapped on the Hangover 2 set, where he’s shot a cameo for the film.

Clinton’s visit follows both Liam Neeson and Paul Giamatti’s trips to the Hangover 2 set, meaning that the rambunctious sequel should have its fair share of cameo gags.

Clinton’s trip to Thailand saw him sharing air with Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper (the former with a shaved head), and jumping into a rickshaw with them.

Will the former pres play up his reputation as a lady killer? We’re sure he’s still got it.